Birthdays, sunshine and what keeps you going


Do you ever feel like everyone is ok except you? Or that you’re keeping all the plates spinning without ever a thank you? Read on, it might help!



A strange feeling comes over me when my birthday looms close. It’s not as bad as it used to be but I spotted it again this year.
I start to feel a little anxious and then indecisive over what to do to celebrate it and I think the wobblies are something about having a day that celebrates you. As a massive show-off extrovert type, you’d think that’d be fine with me. But apparently not. It stills feels a little weird to have the dial stuck on ‘receive’.

Happy Birthday to me

So July 21st came around and I was so blessed. I got messages on Facebook from people I haven’t heard from in years and people I hardly know. I had a conversation on LinkedIn with a wonderful chap I’ve only spoken to (in person) for a few minutes, over two years ago, but we had an honest and beautiful exchange of news and wishes for each other’s challenges. And of course, messages, cards, presents and wishes from the people I know and love on a more regular basis.

All tolled, I felt so lucky. Totally blessed, totally blissed.
So can you…


Have you ever noticed when you take a plane flight in the daytime, that no matter how dreadful the weather is when you take off, there’s ALWAYS sunshine above the clouds?
I feel the same way about people.
No matter how dreadful your circumstances are, or what cloudy ‘weather’ is going on in your mindset, no matter how lonely you feel, no matter how little impact or value you feel you have, someone somewhere is grateful for your presence in the world. Even when you don’t even know they’re there.

Get out there

It’s a matter of getting out there. Whether that’s in reality, going out and meeting up, or virtually by getting online, on the phone or in an email. Get out there and connect.
Give people the opportunity to remind you how fabulous you are.
Don’t sit around thinking nobody cares. Clear the clouds and find the smiles. Really, there will be some!
It’s a evolutionary fact that human beings need to connect. Not all the time and some people need it less than others but we need it for survival, physically and emotionally.
And then here’s the weird thing, when we’re not feeling ok, we often close down!
So, let’s promise that we’ll keep connecting, keep checking in, feeling a part of something. Even if work is tricky, or home is tricky, or family is tricky (there’s always something cracking off!) and relationships are complicated. Let’s keep connecting and get reminded, on a regular basis, that you have a right to be here and you’re loved. Always loved. No matter what. Find the smiles behind the clouds, and if in doubt, find a mirror and create your own;)
Check the poster at the top of this message and (even if you see the negative one first) see if you can repeatedly see the positive version!


Much love,
Pam x

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