Why drying your toes is such an important detail to attend to…

C is for Compassion

How you treat yourself


When you’re in a hurry

When you’ve got a lot to do and not enough time, what gets missed?
Do you dry your toes properly?
Do you bother to find your favourite mug?
Do you prepare something nice to eat…or grab and run?

Why it matters

These things might seem like an effective way to gain a little extra time back, you know, for those really important things you’re trying to cram into your day…BUT…
Those really important things are most likely going to be for someone else’s benefit.
What are you missing out on as a result, and does it really benefit you in terms of time?


My early career in childcare taught me many things. One was ‘You can’t rush a toddler’. Whether it’s eating, drinking, washing, dressing or walking, the more you rush, the more they push back.
Imagine taking a little extra time and paying a little extra attention to soothe, encourage and be alongside that toddler. No guarantees now, but if any method was going to help rather than hinder, it would be the soothing, encouraging one.

What appeals to you?

A little Compassion goes a long way. Which of the following little acts of compassion appeals to you most?

  • Imagine getting out of the shower or bath and taking a little time and attention to properly dry between all your little nooks and crannies. Not necessarily because it’s essential, but because the message you’re sending yourself is one of value and care.
  • How about taking a moment to decide what you’d really like to eat rather than grabbing the quickest thing.
  • Or taking a moment before you get out of the car before you head into the next busy thing you’ve got to do.

What could be your choice of a little kindness to yourself?There might be something at the back of your mind, a particular daily activity that you’d enjoy taking a little more time and attention over.

Just a minute

And as is often the case, it doesn’t actually have to take a huge amount of time. It’s about the intention to apply a little compassion to yourself in the way that you probably do for others, all day long!
Some of these choices might not even take any extra time, they are about having the intention of showing yourself some compassion.

My toes

The toe drying thing was definitely one of mine, a few years back and I notice when I don’t bother is when I’m getting a little too busy and thinking the little things don’t matter.
When I do take the time, I feel nurtured, and that I can cope with what the day brings because I’m in a more calm, observant state.

A practical step

Mostly when I talk about the C of my CARE wellbeing model, I talk about not beating yourself up and being Kind in Your Mind. But we also need to remember that actions speak louder than words. Those little kindnesses you can choose to do for yourself could be just the ticket to reduce your stress, calm things down and little and give yourself the kind of nurturing you might have been waiting for. Wait no longer, show yourself a little nurturing.
Because you’re worth it 😉

Big love to you and your little nooks and crannies,

Pam x

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