A thousand blessings and some good news


I’m bowled over and full of hope after a week of human kindness.
Let’s celebrate it together and share the love!

Originally posted July 15th 2019

 A heart

Doubting Doris

When life gets a little tricky, we might doubt we’re up to the challenge. Doubt has been whirling around in my head for a while. Yes, me!
I’ve been wondering if life would be easier if I had a ‘proper’ job. The kind so many other people have, with a regular pattern, a team to connect with and a steady income.
Oh and not having to apply for your job every week, which, frankly, is what it sometimes feels like when you’re self-employed and engaged in your own sales and marketing!

Shocked and stunned

I mentioned the idea of applying for a ‘real’ job to a few close friends and family. I thought some of them would be relieved that I was going to finally settle down. I thought some would wonder how on earth I’d be employable after 20 years of running wild! (yes, 20 years in September! Watch out for the celebration!)
What I didn’t expect was people being shocked and stunned, disappointed and even angry that I would consider giving up on what they see as already being ‘a proper job’.

A new boost

The reaction has given me a new determination to keep doing what I’m doing. After all, I still love doing my job more than pretty much anything else. I often miss work even when I’m on holiday!

So, it seems I’m still here and still writing to you, still hoping to continue creating a ripple of positivity and care. I hope you read that as good news too.

No-one is immune from a little self-doubt, even those of us who help other people to keep the faith. But I’m back in the saddle and aiming higher now, or should I say wider.
It’s a new chapter, post menopausal anxiety and exhaustion, post dad, post doubt. I’d love you to join me in making an even bigger ripple. I might not enjoy the sales and marketing of being in business, but I sure love the work. Perhaps you can help me spread the word?

A thousand blessings

I want to send out a HUGE thank you. I’ve had so many heart-felt, inspirational and loving messages after my news last week and I was honestly bowled over. It took me quite a time to reply to everybody and some of the messages made me cry, but all in a good way.
It was a strong reminder that we’re all made of love. No matter what gets in the way sometimes, when we’re tired or fearful, underneath all the nonsense, we are all loving creatures.
I feel so blessed to feel so much of that coming in my direction, and what a timely reminder for me.

The next chapter

I’ll take all of your thoughts, prayers, poems, meditations and love when I deliver the eulogy at my dad’s funeral on Thursday. I’ll be celebrating his life, focusing on what we still have, rather than what we have lost.
We need to remind each other to turn around from staring at a blank wall in misery, to see instead, the beautiful garden through the window on the other side of the same room. And then to get outside and enjoy nature. There was something magical, when in my saddest moments, I looked at trees and flowers and found so much good stuff to focus on. It reminded me of that Lion King cliche – the circle of life.

The eyes have it

My eyes change colour with my mood (weird I know!), when I’m doing what I love and feeling good, they go a quirky kind of green. The same colour as my dads eyes. I’ll use that to remind me to check I’m still doing what makes me happy, and hopefully that makes other people happy too. Check it out next time you see me in person or on video, you might be able to tell how I’m feeling lol. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have let you into that secret!

Your turn to spread the love

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you find these messages helpful. If so, feel free to pass them on, or tell people they can sign up themselves at the bottom of any page of my website.

If you work in a team that needs a boost, let’s chat.
If you know your whole organisation needs a better way of looking after people and preventing a burnout culture, drop me a line.

Let’s spread the love.

If ‘all’ you do is carry on reading this each week, or now and again, and remember to notice the good stuff you have in your life, that’s cool. You’re making a difference in your world, and that matters too.

With HUGE love and appreciation of who you are and all you do,
Pam x

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