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Making the Monday Motivational Message
even more Marvellous

How’s life?

I’m guessing you’re experiencing your fair share of challenges, I hope you’re also experiencing your fair share of joy.
That’s true for me right now. My challenge is that Dad is in the final stages of his Alzheimer’s journey and my joys are connected with that too; I’m spending more time with people I love and making the best of every day. I’ve also made new friends at Dad’s care home, both staff and residents. A few of the residents have been responsible for a huge lift in my spirits on more than one occasion!

The New Format

You might not even notice much difference, but starting next week I’ll be doing two things:

1. Each Monday Message will focus on one aspect of the CARE Model of wellbeing, so I’ll start today with ‘C’, next week ‘A’ and so on, repeating the four letters in rotation with a new idea, thought and technique each week.
I’ve distilled about 30 years of working with people, learning about neuroscience, human behaviour and psychology into these four categories for wellbeing. It made sense to me for the Monday Message to use this format to keep me focused and give you something tangible to build on.

2. The second change is to make the message a little shorter. Life gets faster all the time and I want to make sure you get something that’s both useful and easy to digest.
This also may free up a little more time to finish the actual book on the CARE model, which I’m sorry to say, has been taking too much of a backseat!
Whether I manage to say less each Monday, and not waffle on, is going to be interesting 😉
So, here we go…

C is for Compassion

This is all about being ‘Kind in your Mind’
How often do you beat yourself up inside your head? Or even physically, you know, with a quick face palm? When you’ve forgotten, lost, late or done something wrong?
Let’s face it, things are going to go wrong. Do you often speak to other people the way you speak to yourself? Probably not. Why not? Because it’s not nice and it doesn’t help people to positively move on from the mistake (and shame) but instead leaves them feeling stupid or defensive.
You’re no different to other people. You don’t react positively to a telling off, do you?
It’s these, (usually small and regular) mistakes which add up to a lot of tension, blame and stress you don’t need.

An example

There’s probably a million ways I could be doing more or different things to support my Dad and my Mum at the moment. But, I’m practising what I preach. I focus on being ‘kind in my mind’, and remind myself that I’m doing the best I can. It helps me stay calm, patient and focused on what really matters. How can you reframe something in a similar way?

This week
Here’s your technique for this week, should you choose to take on the mission:

When you forget to pick up the milk or send an email without the important attachment or drive in the direction you always do instead of the way you need to this particular day – Notice.
If you beat yourself up for not doing more or doing it better – Notice.

Notice your first reaction might be being cross with yourself. Then bring in a little Compassion (just as you would for someone you care about).
Maybe you need to realise you’re tired, too busy, distracted, maybe you don’t even know why.
Breathe, let go of the frustration and tell yourself:
“It’s ok, I’m doing the best I can today” and let the tension go.

That old blaming reaction is an old habit, so keep going with the switching to kindness and start to see the shift towards forgiveness and compassion. The more you do it, the more familiar it will get – You’re worth it 😉

Let me know!

Let me know how it goes and if I can help in any of the following ways:
• Give me an idea for a useful audio or video that would support your progress. If it fits in the CARE Model, and we haven’t already got one, we’ll create it!
• Ask me a question that will help you progress with your own Wellbeing Plan
• Ask me about delivering wellbeing, stress reduction, confidence sessions or the whole CARE Model for your team or organisation, getting everybody on board
• Sign up below for my Online Booster Programme, so you have can six whole sessions with me as and when you want (and watch them over and over again!)

My very best wishes to you,
Catch you next time for ‘A’ !
Pam x

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