Is this you? Waking up tired, grumpy or dreading the day ahead?
I have something that might help you!

R is for Reality


How you start your day

I’ve been trying out a new way of eating for the last three months and it’s going really well. I’ve lost a bit of weight but most importantly I’m getting less brain fog and more energy.

You can imagine my horror then, that due to a perfect storm of tiredness, hunger and the availability of prosecco, I managed to give myself the mother of all hangovers. And started the next day GRUMPY!

Get out of my way

I wasn’t always the patient, positive Pam you see these days, but that’s a habit that I’ve consciously built over time and I’ve kinda got used to feeling ok most of the time.

So here I was waking up with a hangover (and not having slept much as a result) and I felt as bad tempered as a grounded teenager. It was a shock!

Time to change the mood

Luckily I have a number of tricks up my sleeve, one of which is to squeeze the flesh in between your thumb and first finger to ease the headache part of it. (You’re welcome).

My next trick was (instead of cancelling the whole day) to go off and do something nice for someone else. Which, as you might know by now (because I keep going on about it) will give you a burst of oxytocin (the love drug or helpers-high) and the person you’re helping gets a burst of it too!
By the end of the day, life looked much better and I re-hydrated, ate well, slept well and restored by balance. Phew!

Is your morning good?

That was a little unusual for me, but even on an ordinary day, it’s easy to wake up a little under par. Or feeling tired, dreading the day ahead or otherwise out of sorts. How do you generally wake up? And what are the first few things you do in your day? Are there ways in which you could give yourself a better start?


I hope you have a lovely day and a fabulous week…whatever might have happened the night before 😉

Big love,
Pam x

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