How Pam came to be a People Booster...


There I was in the back of a very hot minibus in Shanghai.


After a few years as a trainer in the public sector I 'adventured' into global sales training. That's how I came to be in China, with 12 Chinese business men in a hot minibus on the way back to the hotel at the end of a week spent training them how to sell more multi-million dollar engineering deals.


A light bulb came on: "I'm not happy".

The travel sounded glamorous and I had learnt how to deliver ultra-professional training workshops, but it was time for me to move on.

I wanted to focus on how people felt, thought and behaved; to teach them how to be less stressed and more confident. To help people not just work better but to feel good, even on a bad day.


Since 1999

And so far so good. Nearly twenty years on, Customers tell me they're still using my techniques long after their event is over and some have completely changed the way they behave, work and live.

Working out how you get stressed and what to do about it can be life changing. Add in some confidence and wellbeing tricks and you can change the culture of a whole workplace.


Where I began

I started my working life as a qualified Nursery Nurse working with families in crisis then qualified as a Social Worker and worked for Barnardo's. Later, I studied NLP (neurolinguistic programming) with its co-creator Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna to Master Practitioner level. I use NLP in helping people shift easily into a positive mindset and to understand human behaviour and how teams work.

I've now been standing up talking to people for a living for over 25 years and been running my own business since 1999.

In 2015 I became a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and in the same year won the EUOSHA award for Healthy Workplaces by helping Nottingham City Homes to address stress in the workplace.

I regularly talk on BBC radio and local TV about how to reduce stress and build confidence.


Why I love it

When people say that as a result of hearing me at a conference or workshop, they've started to take care of themselves, stayed calm under challenging circumstances, dared to go for a promotion or healed from burnout or health problems, that's when I really feel I've achieved something. That's when I know I was right not to get back on that minibus!


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