What’s your burnout risk?


Are you managing your stress, staying calm in a crisis?

Or are you feeling frazzled and a bit close the edge?

Somewhere in between might seem ok but are you awake?


Staying awake

By ‘awake’ I really mean aware. If we don’t stay alert it’s all too easy for our days to get crammed and our health to deteriorate. How close are you to burning out?

Especially when you’re already busy, the slow ebbing away of our vitality can go unnoticed and it’s only when it’s too late and we become seriously ill, or our loved ones deem us unbearable, that we wake up and smell the (over-use of) coffee!

Staying awake, alert, conscious, aware, whatever you call it, could mean the difference between stopping your burnout before you hit the wall and having to deal with all kinds of consequences. Which would you rather?

Now I know some of my Monday Motivation Message readers are retired and enjoying some well deserved relaxation time. Even relaxation time can get a little much if your diary becomes a bit too full of social gatherings, coupled with caring for grandchildren, hobbies and chores. We all need to keep a look-out for the Little Red Flags that suggest we’re getting a little too busy or a tad overwhelmed. Whether you’re retired, working, out of work or studying, burnout symptoms can be even harder to spot if you love what you’re doing!


In advance of the ebook I’m writing on Burnout: “But I’m Invincible!” (working title, lol) I’ve constructed a quiz to help you check how you are really getting on.


Free to use

You can access the quiz for free here: http://www.pamburrows.com/quiz/

The technology seems to work best on a PC, laptop or phone (it doesn’t like tablets, who does?! lol)

I’d be chuffed to bits to hear your thoughts on your results. There’s another link at the end if you want to read on first…


Who are you kidding? And what to do about it

“It’s ok, this is only a temporary busyness, it’ll all calm down soon!”

or “I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work!”…sound familiar?

We kid ourselves all the time (see last week’s blog “I’m fine!”) which means that one of the most powerful tools for our physical and mental health is to tune-in and check with ourselves.


Here’s something you can do

Sit down with your feet flat on the floor. You can actually do it whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down but preferably when your body is still. Place one hand on your chest and one on your belly. Take a few breaths a little longer and deeper than usual but don’t force it. In your head, or out loud, ask this simple yet powerful question:

“What’s the right thing, right now?”

Slow yourself right down and listen to the answer. You are more wise than you realise and the answer will come. Of course the really, really important part comes next; taking heed of the answer and following it up. So if the answer is that you need to crack on and get a particular job done, to take a break, to eat, to get outside, to feed or water yourself, or to go to the loo, you’ll know when it feels right.


Get into the habit

Getting used to asking yourself “What’s the right thing right now?” could make a huge difference to your energy levels, immune system, even your eating habits (it’s a great one to ask as you stand at the open fridge!) Because when you stop ignoring the signs, you’ll realise you do know how to be healthy, balanced and more effective. It’s about listening to, trusting and acting upon the answers you already have.

Here’s a way to remember it: ReTuRN (Right Thing Right Now) helps us ReTuRN to our healthy self. I have it written as my phone screen saver!


Get the book

I hope to have the ebook on Burnout ready over the next few months and I’ll be offering it FREE! to people who see me speak at their conference or workshop and readers of the Monday Motivation Message. So if you’re interested, keep an eye out for the link and code you’ll need to receive it for free.


Have fun with the quiz http://www.pamburrows.com/quiz/    and remember to look after you,

Much love

Pam x


3 responses to “What’s your burnout risk?”

  1. Lynda Illsley says:

    Pam you give me motivation to start the week ahead with good spirit and to make me feel worthwhile. Thank you.

  2. Lynda Illsley says:

    Pam you empower me to start the week feeling strong, happy and worthwhile. Thank you.

  3. Paul Dexter says:

    Hi my lovely, reading this in Spain . I have forwarded to a few of my lady friends lol . I hope you and Annie are both well. I often think of our little group of Feel Gooders xx

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