"Pam's energy is infectious, she really is a people booster"

Anji Dyke, Training Manager

"Whether Pam delivers a keynote or workshop at conference, people always come away buzzing"

Karen Bonser, Nottingham Association of School Business Managers


How well is your team?

The next time you need to commission something to help your staff and leaders, you might want to consider a keynote talk or workshop that will have a practical impact on their wellness.

My C.A.R.E. Model is all about embedding wellbeing into your culture so that everyone benefits from the positive, engaged, motivated team atmosphere and skills they come away with.

The fuller the programme we design together, the more CARE you'll get in your organisation.

You can choose to zoom in to each part of the CARE model or do an overview of two, three or all four parts.

Each part involves raising awareness followed by a range of techniques and strategies delegates can experience.


The CARE model is a way to address wellbeing issues for you, your team and your organisation.

After nearly thirty years of human behaviour work, I have distilled down the four key areas which affect our physical, mental and emotional health.


Adopting the CARE model yourself can lead to greater balance, clarity and contentment.

Adopting it in your team or whole organisation can lead to a sustainable wellbeing culture, improved staff retention, engagement and satisfaction, better team communication, decreases in stress and increased confidence and effectiveness.


The CARE Model


C – Compassion. Awareness and techniques to be ‘Kind in your Mind’. This leads to good mental and emotional health, clear thinking and the ability to check responses to other peoples’ behaviour and difficult challenges.

A – Acknowledge. Habits in recognising your strengths, attributes, skills and daily successes. Habits that raise confidence, build resilience and create great team spirit and collaboration.

R – Reality. Strategies to properly and realistically manage priorities, energy and time-attention. Avoiding burnout, stress and sickness.

E – Energy. Moment by moment awareness and strategies to attend to your wellbeing. Noticing what you need and managing your health so that you can be strong, contented and find joy in your life.


Helping people to reduce stress and boost their energy is the most sustainable way to help them, and your organisation, to thrive.

I work with leaders to build an infrastructure that promotes wellbeing. Then, in interactive workshops, I teach managers and staff powerful techniques they can use long after the event to keep that positive energy going and create a culture of wellbeing.

Few workplaces have escaped the low morale, burn out and stress that comes with difficult economic times. But there is something you can do, immediately, to boost people back up.

Company directors, senior managers, headteachers and staff from all industries love the way I make the magic happen...and to keep it going.


See the difference in:

  • A more positive culture
  • Re-energised staff
  • An empowering management style
  • Better productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Team spirit and support
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Better staff retention

Let's talk about the kind of keynote, workshop or full programme that could make the difference to your biggest priorities, and make the magic happen.

Pam Burrows - a speaker with energy!


Pam understands the context and climate in which we work, and makes a unique, bespoke, and creative contribution to events we host in our journey to deliver high quality services

Graeme Green
Operations Manager - Mental Health and Longer Term Services
Framework Housing Association

Pam provides a real personalised offer which never fails to deliver sessions which our staff tell us are engaging and insightful, everyone gets something of value out of their time with her

Sarah Collis
Director of Self Help UK

From a business perspective Pam's program is helping us to manage a complex topic in a way that engages our employees. It is seen as a “win:win” by all involved. I would recommend Pam to any company looking to implement an effective wellbeing program that is delivered in a personal and engaging way

Andrew Jones

Corporate Director Occupational Health & Safety at Tetra Pak

Pam's input to our Wellness in Mind launch event was invaluable. Pam was involved right from the beginning up to and including on the day and using her considerable experience instinctively understood what we were trying to achieve and how best to get our message across

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