SHE’s always right. Right?


Before I get into that contentious statement, let me ask you this:


Do you set yourself 10 things to do in a day, manage to complete 5 of them and then spend your evening beating yourself up for the 5 you didn’t manage to do?

Well here’s a thought…


Maybe 5 tasks were all that was humanly possible in one day anyway. Do you sometimes set yourself superhuman to-do lists?

Now, I know that you ARE a superhero and that you are fully capable of doing amazing things every day. The big ‘but’ is that if you’re a superhero every single day your mind, body, brain or soul is going to go pop at some point. For your own well-being you need to have smaller plans.


Dream big, plan small

I’m not talking about downgrading your biggest goals and dreams. Having big dreams, so big they even scare you a little, can be fabulous and we can talk about those another day. This is about your day to day behaviour and how to stop procrastinating (because you’re overwhelmed by your list) how to stop feeling useless (because you can’t complete an unrealistic list) and how you can feel more resourceful, satisfied and resilient by having kinder, more humane expectations of yourself.


SHE’s always right?

So, that brings me to the contentious title of this article. SHE is always right. And the point at which I have to confess I’ve mislead you a little.

What I’m actually suggesting is that




is a healthier, happier and more content way to live your life.

And surely, ‘SHE’ is the right way to go about life?


Nuff said?

My blog software is currently telling me this article isn’t long enough yet. However, I think you’ve got the message and I’m keen to let you crack on with your realistic, humane and kind to-do list. Or put the kettle on and celebrate what you’re already achieved.

Whatever you do today there’s at least one thing you could do to improve it…

That’s to celebrate what you DO achieve rather than focusing on what you don’t get done. You are doing the best you can, give yourself some credit.


With much love from me and well done to you,

Pam x






8 responses to “SHE’s always right. Right?”

  1. Lisa O'Neill says:

    As I start back after half term with an unrealistic “to do” list I really needed to read this! Perhaps I’ll scale it down and put some things on the list for tomorrow…then if the list gets finished and I start on tomorrow’s then it’s time to pop the champagne (or have a cup of tea in the staffroom at the end of the day) Thanks Pan you always talk so much sense! X

  2. Wendy Haywood says:

    Hi Pam, its easy to feel overwhelmed on the first day back so I’m going to take a breath and make a realistic list of five things I want to achieve today. Anymore will be a bonus and I’ll go home smiling not beating myself up (I know I will have done far more that was on a list anyway)!

  3. Lisa twemlow says:

    Great Blog Pam, was having that Monday feeling… this has helped!!

  4. Laura says:

    We realised a while ago – in our team – that we were setting unrealistic expectations. We began a manta of ‘just one thing’ as an attempt at humour when feeling overwhelmed, but it really did help! We did the one thing, then another, then another…. We soon forgot and fell back to old habits though. It’s now my plan for today; thanks for helping me bring it back into practice! 🙂

  5. Phil says:

    Thanks Pam. I have written today’s list very small so it will all fit in, not the best strategy, so I am just about to redo it and prioritise and make it realistic before I start. Hope you have a great week with some fun things included.
    P x

  6. Richard A says:

    Started doing this a long time ago. It’s a whole new world. Celebrating all the things you have achieved today, rather than the things you haven’t. When you start to recall it’s generally a much longer list than you can imagine. Thanks for the glass half full reminder Pam

  7. Karen says:

    Thanks Pam, I really needed to hear this as I have had a really bad day caused by the unrealistic expectations of another who don’t see the bigger picture. This made me feel rubbish! When deep down I know that’s not true! Xx

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