The most important moment of your life


The most important minute of your life!


Where have I been?

This weekend I’ve been privileged to enjoy four days of camping, bonfires, friendship, moonlit dancing and a feeling a freedom seldom experienced in the city.
I’m writing this only 25 minutes drive from home and yet, in this peaceful field with big sky, I feel like I’m on another planet.

What’s it got to do with you?

On the first day of this mini-break, I was hanging out in the main area for eating/dancing/bonfire etc. I told a couple of friends I was heading back to my tent for something but that I’d be back. They both responded with surprised looks and I realised that I didn’t need to explain, be responsible or accountable to anyone for the whole long weekend.

A light bulb moment

As with most ‘growth’ moments, I felt liberated and a little uncomfortable at the same time.
Right there and then I decided to experiment. My intention was to consistently check what felt like the right thing to do. And suddenly, in that one decision, there was no more hanging on instead of going to the loo, no more staying up later than I wanted to because there was still something going on. There was no sitting chatting when I really wanted a nap or just to wander on my own. Neither was there any sitting in my tent lamenting a lack of company when I could just get out there and chat. How very simple and how very complex in the same moment.

So what?

Doesn’t sound earth shatteringly exciting or new? That’s what I thought. 3 days in and I’ve noticed something really weird; that when you tune in to “what’s the right thing, right now?” it seems like everything else falls into place.

Call me crazy but when I decided to spend some time I my tent, I just got in before the heavens opened. My habit would have been to chat on even though I was weary. And I’d have got soaked on the way back. Yeah, ok, coincidences happen. But I’m taking it as a sign anyway, just to remind myself that it’s ok to follow your feelings, to listen to what you need and to notice whether your usual habit is getting in the way of you getting what you need.

AND what IS the most important minute ever?

This one. The only one you’re ever in. The minute, or rather the moment, that is now.

Now…what do you really need?
Have fun this week noticing what your habit might steer you to do.

And then ponder what your intuition, body, heart or spirit might know is your true need.

I’m sending you the brightness of this big sky, bird song and a bucket of fresh air to see you through the week,

With much love,
Pam x

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