Doing what comes naturally?


There are some things that most definitely came naturally a few thousand years ago that don’t these days…

Here’s a test you might be shocked by the ‘right’ answer.

  • Do you ever sit on the sofa instead of heading out to the gym?
  • Do you sometimes get so hungry that you eat a load of high calorie junk?
  • Do you get fearful over things that should only be a minor concern?


Shock news!

You might see all three of those things as a bad thing. Actually when you think about the early days of human beings, those 3 things would make complete sense. Let’s check them out:

Avoiding Exercise

Let’s imagine, all those years ago, you might have to run for your life at any moment or you might have to run to catch an animal or not get to eat. In that situation it would be really stupid to ‘go for a run for the fun of it’ and then find you’re too exhausted to outrun the tiger after your head for her supper. You wouldn’t need to exercise on purpose because you’d be getting plenty just in the natural course of a day, finding food, getting shelter, staying alive. It makes sense to stay put until you really need that energy. And nowadays? Well everyday life for a lot of folks, needs much less physical exertion just to stay alive so we have to exercise on purpose. No wonder we find it hard to get motivated!

Eating Junk

Let’s imagine, all those years ago, there might be times when there’s no food at all. We’ve already acknowledged you might need energy to run away to save your life. So when some food comes along, your body is going to head for the stuff that gives you energy the fastest; highest fat, highest sugar. It’s the food that hits your system and gives you what you need in that moment of emergency. Except at 3pm on a wet Wednesday, when you’re in the express supermarket because you missed lunch (again!) your body will crave the fastest hitters. Naturally.

Of course we know that this same food will give you an energy high then an energy crash and pile on the pounds without giving you sustainable nutrition.


Let’s imagine, all those years ago, just how often there might be a tiger, a mad dog, a bear or another human intent on causing you grievous bodily harm. It makes sense to be on high alert, concerned about your own safety and that of your family and your tribe.

Nowadays, you can easily slip into that high alert state without your life being in danger, in fact sometimes we’re anxious without any obvious reason. It means that just like needing to exercise on purpose, these days we need to learn how to relax on purpose too.


So what has changed?

Let’s include all the other things that we would have also done naturally without having to think about it.

  • Being outside in nature.
  • Enjoying time without any electronic devices.
  • Spending time with people we’re close to.
  • Having plenty of organic, wholefood nutrition (because that’s all there was).
  • Having a proper dark night for good sleep instead of light pollution.


Fancy a prehistoric experience?

So here’s a thought. Let’s stop beating ourselves up for the things that come naturally like fear, over-eating and laziness. Yes they’re unhealthy, but we can acknowledge why they happen then strive to make a healthier choice without beating ourselves up. And realise that some of the reason we feel wonky sometimes, is totally understandable.

And then try out some prehistoric natural remedies for ‘wonky’, like exercise that you actually have fun doing, feeding yourself regularly rather than making your body think there’s some kind of famine, or taking time to relax on purpose. And get some of those natural stress reducers like being outside, time with loved ones, fun with pets, singing!


Life is tough enough

Life is tough enough, trying to get by, pay the bills, evolve as an emotionally intelligent, ecologically responsible being, have fun, be nice, not punch the boss…the usual stuff. You don’t need to also consider yourself useless for not being motivated to go 10 miles on a pretend bicycle!


What floats your boat?

There are so many healthy things that happened naturally in years gone by. These days staying healthy is easier if we acknowledge why, in the 21st century, we have to do it on purpose. You get to choose how you go about getting and staying healthy, you might be able to find more things that float your boat rather than planning things that feel like a chore then berating yourself for not doing them.


Til next time,

have fun, love lots, be you,

Pam x






4 responses to “Doing what comes naturally?”

  1. Karen says:

    You’re so right about us having to relax on purpose. Following your wonderful pearls over recent months, I’ve been doing exactly that. I’ve been doing mindfulness meditation at my desk for 15 minutes every lunchtime, I’m learning to accept that I cannot do everything that my role requires and I’ve been enjoying the simple things in life like listening to nature. I’ve noticed that it is actually getting easier to relax (with practice). Yesterday whilst my husband was watching Sunday afternoon football I played my music so loud it must have annoyed my neighbours and danced around the conservatory in my pj’s (bra-less, of course). It was just fantastic. I felt happy. I felt free. I don’t know the last time I did that, must be 2 years ago. So, thank you (again) your Monday morning motivators are having a hugely positive impact on my life.

  2. Lisa twemlow says:

    Totally makes sense, I love these Monday morning blogs… just as I was reading I was feeling the fear of the week ahead. This has helped

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