Is it time you grew up?


Is it time you grew up? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for wearing my tutu at outdoor fitness, dancing in the supermarket queue, laughing at my own trumps, playing with my god-children’s toys and generally acting more like a kid than a grown up, but the truth is, I’m doing a bit of […]

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Change! A whole new life chapter


Change A whole new life chapter!   Do you feel your life happens in chapters? Distinct periods of time separated by a big change… I sure do, from childhood chapters separated by five house and school moves and then my twenties punctuated by coming out and then in my thirties buying my own house and setting […]

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Why you should never start a diet on a Monday


Why you should never start a diet on a Monday   It’s the usual way, surely? And new years day and the first day back after a holiday, so what’s the problem? The problem isn’t Monday, it’s what happens the few days before… I’m going to live it up! Whether I’ve been aiming for weight […]

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It’s a deal breaker! What’s yours?


What’s your deal-breaker?   There are some things I just have to say ‘no’ to. But that wasn’t always the case, with disastrous consequences!   Daytime, Evening, Weekends Daytime, evenings, weekends. What do you notice about that list? Other than sleep time, it covers all the time there is. There was a time when I […]

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In which the book is finished and life changes…


A book, a stranger and a surprise…   Wanting to be a writer at the age of 8 and then finally getting published at 51 isn’t such a long wait. Is it? Ok, it’s a bit longer than most authors maybe, but I got there in the end eh?! The Book Check out the picture […]

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In which the book is nearly published…

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In which the book is nearly published   I was about 7 or 8 years old when I wrote a story (about a banana who had adventures) and got a hankering to write a book. Reading was what I loved best and a job as a writer seemed like some kind of magical way of […]

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Feelings…When you just have to scream…


Feelings – When you just have to scream…     When you have a job like mine – which is all about helping people feel better – it’s easy for people to think I’m all about feeling happy. Irritatingly happy. All. The. Bloody. Time. So hold the front page, I’m here to tell you, that’s […]

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What not to worry about


What not to worry about   The Worry Monster First let me introduce you to a whole new thing someone told me about last Thursday at the National Stress Summit I was speaking at – The Worry Monster! This is a picture of one and I am so going to buy one to use at […]

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The danger of dirty hands (it’s not about germs)


The danger of dirty hands (spoiler: it’s not about germs)   There’s something I’ve been doing for years and had started to take for granted that I want to share with you this week.  I shared it with my mum, she used it immediately and she thought it was worth sharing too!   Bugs! Bugs. […]

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What’s your burnout risk?


What’s your burnout risk?   Are you managing your stress, staying calm in a crisis? Or are you feeling frazzled and a bit close the edge? Somewhere in between might seem ok but are you awake?   Staying awake By ‘awake’ I really mean aware. If we don’t stay alert it’s all too easy for […]

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