Boost People

Boost People

Confidence and positivity – We can’t change much about what happens to us but we can change how we react to it. In this session Pam gets people to realise just how much control they can have over the way they think and behave and teaches easy yet powerful techniques to be more confident and positive right away.

Resilience to stress – Using fun analogies and lots of practical techniques, delegates quickly recognise their own stress habits and embrace Pam’s message of stress reduction. This session helps people build resilience and well-being.

Time – organising and prioritising – Awareness of how we spend time and our attitudes to it is at the heart of changing your time habits for the better. You are promised the opportunity to gain an extra day per week if you take on these powerful tips.

Team energy and positivity – working with the whole team to bring out strengths and characteristics to build on, Pam helps everyone blend, bond and find ways of working together better.

Empowering women as leaders and experts – Overt and covert blocks still block women’s progress, in this session Pam helps delegates shift their own thinking and behaviour to boost confidence and reach new goals and targets.