The Booster Programme

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Overwhelm seems like an epidemic of our time!


If you keep pushing yourself harder to get more done, you're probably passionate about what you do. At the very least you're someone who believes in doing any job well. But there's always more to do and usually someone with something to say about it!

And then you find you criticising yourself for not being stronger, quicker, more organised? That's the road to burnout.


There are little warning signs to tell us when we're pushing too hard and not achieving a the past I got really good at ignoring them! And even if I noticed the warnings, I’d struggle to do anything about it because caring for yourself seems selfish!

I knew there had to be a better way than a constant cycle of burnout, illness and recovery.

And I found it.

Or rather found them.

A whole collection of techniques and strategies to make life better and I want to share it all with you. To show you how to find a better balance and increase your well-being.

After all, you've got to put your own oxygen mask on first if you're going to save everyone else!


So, here’s what I've done;

I've created a 6 module programme to teach you the techniques I have found the most effective in workshops and coaching sessions over 25 years of helping people feel better.

You get to learn the techniques and get ongoing support and discussions to keep the good stuff going.

You do it whatever way you choose; the course is online so you can watch the videos, learn the techniques, experience online conversations in the Facebook group, follow the worksheets, do it all at your convenience – at work, home, in your pyjamas, wherever and whenever it suits you best.


What if you could breeze through your working day, calm in the chaos, able to cope with whatever the day throws at you?

Imagine being able to get home from work already relaxed, able to completely enjoy yourself, even when there are things to do


Switch off and relax so that you can get a better nights sleep, wake up refreshed and optimistic.

You might even find it easier to make better choices about what you eat and drink if you're less stressed.


What's the thing that would make most difference for you?


If it’s time you felt stronger and more resilient

If it's time you felt better, focused on your own health and happiness

If it's time you looked after yourself more consistently

If you’re working so hard on everything else that you’re losing sight of you and what you need

If you’re tired of being tired and fed up of being stressed

If you’re ready to feel lighter, calmer and more contented

If you want to drop the stress and smile more

...and if you’d like to do that in a supportive, positive group of lovely people...


Then it's time to get yourself on this programme and let’s make some magic happen!


What people say: “Pam always gives me back my sense of vavavoom!”


If you don't already know you need a wee?

Let me tell you why I do this work...

I have been studying the curious quirks of human nature for 3 decades - how we look after every one else and then don't even go to the loo when we need to!

And because I've been there too, I know that burnout is not a happy place. I want to share not only things that really work for my customers but these are strategies I used to turn my own life around so that I no longer rely on getting ill as a reminder to slow down!

Where do the techniques come from?

I've honed techniques from neurolinguistic programming (NLP) as a Master Practitioner and I've collected wisdom from ancient Eastern practices. This has lead me to developing brand new strategies and I've seen the positive changes in thousands of wonderful customers over the years, in one to one coaching, keynote speeches and practice based workshops. Strategies that mean you can achieve balance, calm and a new energy. And they're easy to do!


What people say: “Working with Pam made me feel positive, confident and happy with myself”

Tell me a bit more first, like, what's in the Programme?

There are 6 modules and you can do them 1 to 6 or in whatever order you like. The programme includes:

  • Videos with awareness raising information and demonstrations of powerful techniques
  • Audios with techniques you can listen to as many times as you like to help you sleep, boost confidence and lots more
  • Downloadable worksheets and handouts
  • PLUS a private Facebook group to help you maintain the changes and connect with other fabulous folks.

Once you've bought the programme you've got the resources forever!


Module 1 - You are enough

Understanding where self-esteem comes from and why you might want to build some more of it.

Plus a range of techniques for feeling relaxed and being able to switch off at the end of your day.

Module 2 – Self-Care for life

Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential for health. Some of the easiest daily habits that can make a powerful difference to your well being. Including insight into why we ignore what we need and out addiction to busy. Techniques for switching off and finding calm.

Module 3 – Having a think problem

Tuning into your way of thinking and increasing the power of your thoughts. Exploring self-criticism and how to tackle it. The power of particular words and developing new thinking habits. Techniques for letting go of 'other people's nonsense' and de-cluttering your mind.

Module 4 – Work, rest and play

How to balance your life and create a lifestyle you love. Techniques including 15 minute holiday and how to power-up your energy.

Module 5 – The balancing act

Knowing when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’ and some surprising times we get it back to front. Creating mindful moments to improve your quality of life and techniques to protect your heart, soul and energy in a busy world. Techniques to feel safe in the world and find your own particular contentment.

Module 6 – There’s plans afoot!

An interactive final module to create your plan. We’re now on  journey together, let’s plan what happens next, how you get what you need and how you keep focused on the path you choose. Techniques for ongoing wellness and contentment and more resources to keep you topped up.


"Oh no! Pam! I think I'm too busy to do the programme!"

You can do the programme in your own time, whenever it suits you best, in your pyjamas if you want to!

You can do it a quickly or as slowly as you like and you'll have all the resources for ever after.

If you haven't got enough time to look after yourself, maybe it's time to make time?

You'll get great support to keep your progress going and you can watch the impact on every aspect of your life and well-being. When you feel good, everything else falls into place. Sound good to you?

Let's do it together.


What people say:   “Pam reminds me I can take on the world and smile through it!”


What's the cost?

You'll get loads of resources to keep forever AND I want to make it even easier for you to join me so I've made the Early Bird price the forever price!

AND you can even pay a bit each month if you'd like to make it even easier!

The full cost of the programme is £297.

The Early Bird is now forever £147 saving you £150, I'm told by people who do numbers that's half price!


And would you rather spread the cost?

There's no extra charge, no interest, just 6 monthly payments instead. That works out at £24.50 per month. It's set up securely through PayPal.


You are a STAR – Someone Truly Amazing Really. It's one of my favourite reminders and I believe it to be true. Things get in the way and we lose sight of how amazing we are.


Let’s work together on the Booster Programme to help you remember how fabulous you are!


What people say:

“Pam helped me strip back all the nonsense and get back to who I was before the fears and doubts crowded in”

Is that something you’d like to feel?


I can’t wait to get started and give you the chance to shine brighter, we’re going to have a bucket full of fun!

As the song says: Push the button, take control 😉

Much love

Pam xx

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