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Your 5 Point Plan

Boosts for Life

The People Booster Principles



in Nottingham


“Pam, You filled my head and heart with so much good stuff and it was all packaged and delivered with the perfect pace and lots of humour”


Life can be a challenge! Just getting to where you are now might have felt like an epic adventure or a roller coaster.

What if your next chapter felt more energised, more fun and a darn sight easier?

This workshop, based on Pam’s upcoming book, will give you 5 People Booster Principles to practically and permanently Boost your life for the better.

Practical, inspirational and useful, it’s a blueprint to achieve your Personal Best – whatever that means for you.


You will learn Pam’s powerful techniques to:

  1. Boost your happiness
  2. Boost your confidence
  3. Boost your balance
  4. Boost your calm
  5. Boost your energy and well-being


Whether you're exhausted, frustrated, stressed, at a cross roads, experiencing loss, confusion, wondering what your true purpose is or you're just ready for a new way to look at your life, here's a day for you.

In this interactive and empowering experience, Pam creates an environment in which everyone can feel welcomed, included and have fun.

You will get the tools to make life easier and a little (or a lot) better. We’re not promising this will totally transform your life – but if now is the right time for you, it just might!


People on Pam’s last workshop said:

“Pam’s workshop is the equivalent of a spa day for your mind and soul”

“It was a very heart-centred experience, you created a safe environment, and it created a buzz of energy and I felt like I had been connected to the group for a week!”

“A chance to stop and reflect and change what you need to change, then get out and live!”

“Inspiring, motivating and practical”

“It is a fantastic, day with real growth potential, with Pam being incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.”

“I really wouldn't change a thing it was amazing and I just want more. I have described this day to my family as a breath of fresh air.”


The Best Yet

This is a brand new shiny version of Pam’s best work yet and is the culmination of 3 decades of helping people change their lives and feel better.

Grab your place quick before they get snapped up. Pam has taken her own techniques plus some yogic principles, ancient meditation, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), neuroscience and mindfulness and created a plan that makes sense in this busy, crazy world we now live in. People are already feeling the benefit -

"It's refreshing and invigorating and gives you an alternative perspective on how to view the world around you."


Wayne Dyer said "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  - Pam can show you how.


Once the new date is announced...

Tickets are £129 and if you jump in quick you can buy an Early Bird ticket for £97.

You can split the cost into easy instalments at no extra cost, what's not to love? All ticket options include refreshments and a delicious lunch.


Boost your mental and physical health, energy and focus. Boost your life!


If you have a question before you book, you can ask it using the form, drop me an email

or click a button below to go straight to Paypal and grab your seat, a better life starts here!

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