NEWS! Stress and your workplace

The UK Health and Safety Executive now includes STRESS as a risk factor in the workplace.

Are you assessing and reducing this risk yet?

You may have noticed people getting a little frayed around the edges.

It's possible to reduce stress and build a culture of wellbeing. Burnout and breakdowns are avoidable.

I help organisations to build well-being into their culture and teach leaders and staff skills that increase resilience and confidence.

You get inspiring leaders, motivated people, supportive staff teams and happy customers.

Whether you invite me to deliver a keynote speech at your next conference,  facilitate a skills workshop, or partner up for a full programme of wellbeing to shift your organisation into a sustainable wellbeing culture, I'd be delighted to find the best way to work together.

It's often your best people, the ones who give 100%, who keep pushing when they are burning out. Your best people are expensive to lose and expensive to replace. When leaders and their staff have robust wellbeing strategies, they can boost the effectiveness of your whole organisation.

Give me a call if you'd like to check how your organisation is currently handling stress and see if we can boost wellbeing.

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