Who's stressed?

Without pressure in the workplace, hitting a deadline would be no fun BUT...

...that pressure doesn't have to mean stress, burnout or losing your best people.

I teach leaders, managers and staff powerful techniques to build resilience and confidence.

Whether as a keynote speech at your next conference or a longer workshop, delegates build practical skills to reduce stress and raise confidence whilst enjoying an interactive and energising experience.

It's often your best people, the ones who give 100%, who need a boost. If people know how to stay well, you can create a culture of wellbeing and increase the effectiveness of your whole organisation.

Overwhelm seems like an epidemic of our time!

If you keep pushing yourself harder to get more done, you're probably passionate about what you do. At the very least you're someone who believes in doing any job well. But there's always more to do and usually someone with something to say about it!

And then you find you criticising yourself for not being stronger, quicker, more organised? That's the road to burnout.


There are little warning signs to tell us when we're pushing too hard and not achieving a balance...in the past I got really good at ignoring them! And even if I noticed the warnings, I’d struggle to do anything about it because caring for yourself seems selfish!

I knew there had to be a better way than a constant cycle of burnout, illness and recovery.

And I found it.

Pam's new e-book now available on Amazon

What's your burnout risk?

Have a look at Pam's Burnout Buster quiz; 15 questions to see how you're doing and some ideas to keep you healthy...

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